My life can be summed up in a few words.

Transformation. Resilience.



I have experienced every major tragedy that someone can experience.


My parents split up in a very ugly and public breakup when I was 7.


I grew up in an abusive home and decided to take control of my own destiny when I was 15, because figuring it out in the world alone felt like a safer bet.


My parents never thought much of me, in fact, when they thought of me, I was mostly a disappointment in their eyes.


Plus I was a girl, which was another minus in my column, in my house. 


It was always up to me to figure it out, whether I wanted to or not. 

I've been a witness multiple times to domestic violence.
My father died tragically when I was 18.
Yet, what I would call the dark times in my life was when I got divorced before 30. I left my marriage an empty shell of a woman who lost herself and her identity in a relationship that didn't support my growth.   
Despite all this, I NEVER gave up. I learned how to run through walls and I became agile, resourceful and I learned to be strategic.
I took every experience, good and bad, as a lesson and I used to to build my portfolio, my toolkit, my arsenal with which I decided to get after my dreams with a ferocity and fire that could scorch 10,000 suns, I was determined and nothing and no one was going to stop me. 
I learned how to communicate, think and work strategically. I approached my work like an Olympic athlete and was frequently promoted and selected by sr. leadership and C-level executives to work on special projects.
I built relationships with clients like my life depended on it, because it did, and I became really good.
I developed a reputation for being the "special forces" or "The Global One Woman SWAT Team," the woman that you called when you needed something done and done right.
Or when you had a Hail Mary project that you needed to be successful, a messy client situation or you needed to ship a product under an insanely tight deadline with a large amount of revenue tied to it.
I was a freaking ninja.
My incomprehension of the word "no" and vehement allergic reaction to the term "not possible" may be one the most intense on the planet. 
That being said, it wasn't all roses, I had successes but I also had many failures and most of the time I felt like I was stumbling, but I was always stumbling forward.
But what has allowed me to achieve success is my ability to pull myself through and walk through the depths of darkness pushing through fear and knowing that everything I want is on the other side. 
Within the span of 10-years, I went from not having any formal education to getting 2 degrees, including my MBA from MIT Sloan, increasing my income by over 500% and living my dream of working and traveling globally.
In that time I honed my professional skills at Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, Client Experience, Product & Platform Design, Process Design, Stakeholder Management, Client Relationship Management and Program Management across the finance, insurance and tech industries. 
I have worked with executives at multi-billion-dollar companies and I have worked at those companies too. I have led initiatives that have been featured at The White House.
When I look back at my life, where I started and where I am today, I realize that anyone can do what I did, really.
BUT I realize that most people struggle with taking the actions that are necessary to go after that job, ask for that raise, ask to be put on that special project.
I can teach you how to do this and I believe that I am the best person on the planet to do so. Why? Because I have done it. I have walked the talk.
Plus, I have helped many people over the years grow in their careers, get promoted and, as a result, make more money.
I want you to know that I have felt and carried the shame of the things from my personal life and other things that I have not written for most of my life.
I know that some of you reading this know that exact flavor of shame that I am talking about.
But I want you to know that you can still change your life even if you don't feel like you are where you need to be, in fact, it is during this time that you must make the shift, and there is a process and you can learn it.
I am sharing my story now because the time is right for me, it's right for you and it's right for where we are in the world now.
I believe that there is a superhero inside of all of us and I am dedicated to helping people discover theirs.
I look forward to serving you. 
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